the lebron family foundation

           The Lebron James family foundation So he was born in Akron Ohio without a father and from a young age he started enjoying sports and at 8 he started playing basketball and at 10 he started playing football as a linebacker and in high school he was very poor and […]

toys with no gender

Personally, I think that the gender war on if there is 143 genders is all garbage god made 2 genders, not 143. If you ask me what I think about this topic it is all dumb ok you were born one way just accept that and move on. Don’t go making a big scene because our son doesn’t like boys […]

The story of Colin Kaepernick

So this is not your traditional story of misfortune. No, no – this is about a 6’4″  American football player from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Who attends the University of Nevada (Reno who was a star quarterback and almost ended the hail of the throne from Boise State but that is not all he has accomplished. He […]

red ribbon week

So there is a week in october based on drug prevention and a pldge in school to be drug free.With the main idea of being sober and the whole thing is FREE everybody loves free stuff.To inclue on their site they are giving away a fee ipad and 1,000 dollars USD but that is not […]

Vision board

one day in my life i wanna play for baylor univity football beacuse well i ove foot ball it has been my dream to play for a collage team and baylor is the on i choose theyr have a kinda good team and be able to win a good champion chip the nfl can be […]

An Open Letter to Dr Seuss

Dear Dr. Seuss, My personal favorite book is a fox in socks a good reasons for this beacuse it rhymes and can be good for children learining how to rhyme and stuffbt for the most partthe childens book genra is domantid by dr suese and his funyy yet life and comacal stylae teaching books and […]

if i was on a island

I would  bring morgan freeman to narrate my jorney though the island and wil help me with my expodition through the jungel and like the movie jumanji that jack black played in with kevin hart and was where hey got sucked throuh a game and was in a jungle. Any way i would bring my […]